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Semiotics can be used in ad hoc situations and/or as an ex ante/ex post implementation in qualitative, ethnographic and qualitative research:

EX ANTE – DESK ANALYSIS freccia chiuso

Semiotics is used in ad hoc analyses. Its aim is to identify those communication responsibilities of the item which encourage/determine/represent the target's perception, interpretation and personal experiences. By doing so, it allows for optimisation operations, thanks to which interpretations that are inconsistent with the marketing and the communication objectives set can be avoided.


Starting from the perception and interpretation as detected/that had been detected AT the qualitative/quantitative analysis stage, semiotics traces the codes and modes of communication which contributed to a certain perception and interpretation. Cross-analysis allows to identify the synergies and contradictions, coherencies and incoherencies, risks and opportunities that occur between what is communicated, perceived and intended. By doing so, it generates a mapping that defines SWOTs and specific communicational fields/characteristics of the analysed item on which to intervene in order to control and optimise communicative performance.