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PROFILE/ SF research & consulting, the Stefano Frausin's company

WHO freccia chiuso

SF research & consulting is the Stefano Frausin's company. SF is a professional semiotician with many years of experience in applying semiotics to market research and in strategic consulting. He graduated in Communication Science (I) and obtained an MSc in Semiotics (II). He then specialised in communication & marketing analysis, branding consulting and trend monitoring.


SF research & consulting deals with semiotic analysis, qualitative and ethnographic research in all the areas of the communication marketing mix. SF offers strategic consulting in communication, marketing and branding to well-established national and international clients, working both individually and in partnership with several research institutes.


SF  contributes to the online magazine E-C, published by AISS (Italian Association for Semiotic Studies), of which he is an ordinary member. S.F. published several papers on marketing and branding semiotics. He was also a visiting lecturer at ASSIRIM (Association for Market Research), as well as at several universities and private companies.